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Club FAQ's

Tesla Owners Oregon - the evolution 

It was July of 2012 when early reservation holders Andy McConnell and Phil Gorski first met at the newly opened Tesla Store at Washington Square Mall. Within days, Andy created PDXTesla and the Club was born. Soon after, we formed a Google Group where we could all share information and arrange meet-ups.  We were all beyond excited and became evangelists - sharing Tesla's mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. In 2016, Tesla began a program to formalize the Owners Clubs and asked Phil to be the Club President. After signing a multi-page license agreement and an NDA, we officially became a Club.  In February 2017, we created our Facebook Group to make it easier for owners to share information, photos, and schedule meet-ups. We now have over 1600 Facebook members and many have expressed an interest in an alternative platform.  After numerous requests, we decided to create this site and formalize our club.  We are registered as Tesla Owners of Oregon and SW Washington as a 501c7 non-profit Social Club and officially launched in November 2020.  

How many Tesla Owners Clubs are there?

There is a global network of Tesla Owners Clubs sanctioned by Tesla, which provides oversight of the Club Program. New clubs are constantly rising up all around.  The best way to keep up-to-date on the official clubs is to visit the Global Owners Club Directory

Who can join Tesla Owners of Oregon?

Membership in official Tesla Owners clubs is limited by the Global Tesla Owner's club program to owners of Tesla vehicles with a valid serial number.

What if I don't live in the area?

Our meet-ups take place in Oregon and SW Washington but anyone who is a Tesla Owner is welcome to join.

What are the benefits of membership?
Benefits include:

  • Tesla Owners/Enthusiasts periodically meet for socializing or events
  • Access to member only events
  • An official Tesla Owners of Oregon lanyard
  • A Tesla Owners of Oregon window cling
  • Discounts for club merchandise
  • Occasional free club or sponsor products
  • Quarterly meet-up at one of the Tesla Locations
  • There are 3 levels of membership - see Membership Overview to learn more  

What is a typical event like?

Most events are social meetups which involve gathering at a set location to meet other owners, talk about our cars, and sometimes have a meal or drink.  Moving forward, we will also be looking at other options and opportunities.  Anyone is welcome to come to our public meetups and we encourage non-owners to come discover the benefits of Tesla and electric transport.  Occasionally we will have private events for members and their guests that are not open to the public. Tesla Owners of Oregon (and its subchapters) as an organization, does not sponsor or provide test rides or drives at our events. Any owner choosing to provide a test ride or test drive is doing so as an individual, separate from the Tesla Owners of Oregon organization. 

What are the dues/costs/fees and what are they used for? 

Dues will cover the basic operational expenses of the organization now that we are incorporated and pay for items such as club merchandise for members at subsidized prices, window clings, member badges, permits for events, the member management system, and liability insurance.  

Why do I need to provide my VIN?

We ask for your VIN as part of your membership application in order to verify your eligibility to join the club with Tesla. VIN numbers are kept safe and private.

What is expected of members?

Not much but just to point out a few:

  • Be Kind and Courteous - we won't tolerate hate speech or bullying
  • We are a Tesla Club -  please keep the topics related to Tesla & SpaceX.  Please keep politics and religion for other groups.

What happens if I don't renew my membership?

You will get several email reminders to renew membership when the time is near, should you let it lapse for whatever reason, your account will be switched from a "Member" account to a "Inactive" account and your access will be disabled. You can always renew and re-activate your old account to start another year as a full "Member" account. 

How do I edit my Profile? To update personal information, address, email, subscriptions ect. click here: Edit your member profile


Phil Gorski - President

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