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Membership Level Change and Bundle Instructions

Change Membership Level or Switch to a Bundle Membership

Start by logging in at www.teslaownersoregon:

To Change your Membership level

Bundle Memberships

Members of Tesla Owners Oregon are now able to purchase a discounted bundle membership that allows them to add a second person to their club membership at a discounted annual price. If you have already purchased a membership bundle (e.g. "Chill for Two"), you can skip ahead to the next section of this page to see how to add the second person to your membership.

Switching your membership from individual to a bundle involves just a couple of steps. It's best to change your membership level right before your current membership expires so that you're not double paying.

To switch to a Bundle Membership

Step 1 - Turn off recurring payments
  The first thing that you need to do is to disable recurring payments on the Tesla Owners Online website. From the club home page (click here), click the Log In link. You should then see your profile page.
On your profile page, click the button to "Stop Recurring Payments" as shown below.

Step 2 - Change Membership Level
A few minutes later, or perhaps a few page refreshes later, you'll then see that you can change your membership level. Click the  change button as highlighted below and choose your new membership level.

Once you've chosen your new membership level, you'll need to reenter your credit card information. Finish that step and you've completed the process of changing your membership level.

Adding a Second Person to Your Membership Bundle

Once you've upgraded your club membership to work with two people, you need to add that second person to your membership bundle. On your membership profile page, you'll see a new section entitled "Bundle Summary". Here's what it looks like:

To add your spouse or partner to your membership bundle, click the "Add Member" button. You'll need to fill in the form that appears including all required fields. Note that they MUST have a different email address since our system uses the email address as a person's unique login name. Once you've added them to your bundle, they'll be notified by email and can start enjoying club benefits too!

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